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MediRec has in its electronic system an area for medication macros that also provide interactions between medications and allows the making of and printing of prescriptions in little time.

Multiple Providers
MediRec is designed so that more than one health provider can use the system at the same time even with different specialties.

Patient Care
With the information of a patient available in a click you could document better and in less time too. Now you have more time for your patients instead of wasting your time writing.

MediRecUs Web PagePatient Portal

Interaction with Colleagues
This tool allows you to consult other colleagues, answer referrals and exchange information with the most strict standards of security for the transmission of clinical data (HL7).

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Patient History
The system allows you to save the family and personal history from allergies to food, medications and other allergies.

Clinical Notes
Now your notes will be complete in less time because your macros design in Physical Exams, Systems Revision, Progress Notes, Prescriptions and Referrals permit you to choose the macro needed according to the patients condition and without errors.

Vital Signs
Take vitals signs like: weight, height, pulse, pressure, etc. The system will automatically calculate the BMI and allow you to analyze your data by graphs.
Office Management
We provide real solutions for you so that you can effectively manage your office. These solutions are:

  Check in/Check out
add or retire patients from the waiting list

  Problem List
add all your medications, surgeries and/or conditions that your patients have and have the same accessibility to look for them in the system

  Schedule appointments
maintain control of your patients appointments

  Medical Certificates
print medical excuses under HIPAA compliances

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